Are BMW Driver’s the UK’s Angriest Drivers?

In a new poll by, BMW motorists were nominated as the number 1 angriest on the roads in the UK.

Traditionally, similar polls have shown the white van man to be the angriest driver on the road but his/her position seems to have been usurped by the many BMW drivers on the road who Brits consider to be “rude, dangerous and bad-tempered”.

It seems that the German brands did poorly on the whole as Audi drivers came a close 3rd with Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz coming in at 9 and 10 separately.

With the growing number of cars on the road in the UK, the price of petrol and general stresses of a post recession and still very delicate economy, it seems that drivers in best spikeless golf shoes overall have much more to be annoyed about and occurrences of road rage and connected accidents are on the rise.

To decrease your stress as a UK driver why not look at the following guidelines to help you save lots and lots of money wherever possible, with any luck leading to a less stressful driving experience in the process:

Money Saving Tips:

Use a website similar to or to guarantee you get the best value in your local area when filling up.

Shop everywhere for your car insurance online by using comparison sites (such as, & asking for quotes from a massive list of providers, but be sure to check the car insurance bands, as these could help you save a lot more money

Drive effortlessly, avoiding rapid acceleration or harsh breaking. Accelerating quickly can use twice as much fuel as controlled acceleration and is more likely to encourage an irritated driver next to you at the lights.

Keep your car in as higher gear as possible wherever possible to decrease fuel consumption.

If you own one of these marques and are worried by these findings, the RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention if Accidents) website has a new driver profile which, at the time of press, has a free trial to allow you to take a set of 45 questions to ascertain if you would be classed as a dangerous driver:

Details about car insurance categories and different car insurance companies can be found via

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