Is Transcribeme Legit?

TranscribeMe Review

Is Transcribe Legit or is it just another Transcription scam?

Today we are going to be looking at TranscribeMe to discover whether it is a good way to make money as a transcriber or if there are better ways to make money with other companies.

But first …

What is TranscribeMe?

TranscribeMe is a website that allows you to make money usually by transcribing audio files for clients.

If you ever wanted to understand what this looks like in the “real world” then all you have to do is simply look at Youtube videos on your mobile device.

You can also  is you’re looking for another way to make money.

If you hover over a video in your feed you will see transcriptions of the video come up as you watch.

Typically, you are paid by the hour, however in some cases you are paid by the file.

Some files can be longer than others and vice versa, which means that you could complete up to 20 file in a single hour if the files are small or you could be transcribing a single file for the entire hour.

Do You Need Any Special Skills?

As you can imaggine on the of reqwuirement s that is a MUST is for you to be fluent in the English language.

I have had people transcribe  audio for me in the past and when I got the script back there were a lot of mistakes. These kind of mistakes don’t happen if the transcriber is fluent in English.

How Do They Pay You?

TranscribeMe will pay you once a week via Paypal. In order for you to get money out of your account, you must have accrued at least $20 or more.

Note : TranscribeMe only pays out via Paypal at the moment, so if you don’t or can’t have access to Paypal then it may not be the right opportunity for you at the moment.

What Are The Pay Rates Per Hour?

Typically, most people start off on a very low rate at about $15 per hour. I know this sounds like a good starting salary, however, these rates can change at anytime and as such it means that in some instances you will be doing the same work, but getting paid less.

This can make is difficult to plan a head in terms of your finances because the rate can change without notice.

TranscribeMe Exam

You will need to pass an exam before you are able to work for TranscribeMe. Now, this is not unusual and is part of the process for many transcription roles.

The test is broken down into 3 sections, the first being one that you complete on their portal, the second a multiple choice test and then finally the 3rd being transcribing an audio file.

If you don’t pass the test, then you have one more chance. If you don’t pass that one, then you and re-sit the test in 30 days.

Is TranscribeMe  Legit?

So from what I have seen of this company and from the mu;ltiple TranscribeMe reviews i have researched online, I would say that does transcribeme pay well, however, this is not to say that it is the best way to make money.



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